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Planet Of The Cats

Sims 1 Neighbourhood

Pleasant Village

All my Neighbourhoods are created in a base game environment (thanks to Numenor's BaseGameStarter) so they are good for any version of The Sims 2. Instructions for the download and installation each new Neighbourhood will be found at the base of that Neighbourhood's page. Please remember that if you are going to try to renumber a Neighbourhood because the N### number is already in use in your game - you must re-number all the sub-folders and files as well as the N### folder. And please back up your old Neighbourhoods first. There is sometimes conflicts between one Neighbourhood and another that can damage your Neighbourhoods. It has something to do with the internal game numbering of the Neighbourhood and even when you are dealing with Neighbourhoods that have not been manually re-numbered can cause problems. Always back up your game before installing a new Neighbourhood.

I try to keep the custom content in my Neighbourhoods down to a minumum due to the already large file size of a Neighbourhood, but where that isn't possible links to neccessary files will be included in the download and installation instructions of that Neighbourhood. Links to desirable downloads will be listed on the Neighbourhood page as well.

Swappable N001 Neighbourhood Templates
(creating alternative default basegame NPC's and townies)


Wild Wild West