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First of all some mention of my source material. There are some wonderful tutorials on the WWW and one of them is a concise set of instructions for taking your custom skins, eyes and hairs and making them genetic. I'd love to link you directly to it (but that's plain rude) so, go to The Bogsims Institute and look under Tutorials, it's not that hard to spot.

The way skins work in your game is really very simple. EA gave each of its genetic skins a number and a Sim will display a skin based on this range;
EA Light 0.10
EA Tan 0.30
EA Olive 0.60
EA Dark 0.90
So that if your mother Sim is EA Light (0.10) and your father Sims is EA Dark (0.90) your children Sims can have a skin darkness value of 0.10 up to and including 0.90. Which meant that they could be light, tan, olive or dark.

Now that you know what numbers EA is using let me add that skins can be geneticised to any number from 0.01 to 0.99 a currently unknown upper limit (probably 9.99 - but we don't know), and you can have more than one skin at any 'darkness' value. This means that you can put in an infinite number of custom skins between the EA values and more outside of them.

If you add skins at 0.77 and 0.13 your children of a light and a dark mixing might now show one of six skins light-0.13-tan-olive-0.77-dark

If you add skins at 0.01 (where the Genensims Furry Skins have been geneticised to) you can breed Furry with Furry and get only Furry children or Furry with 'Normal' and wait to see what species your baby will be.

All my geneticised skins have the same GUID as the originals so you can't have a geneticised and an un-geneticised version of a skin in your game at the same time - neither of them would work properly.

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