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9/8/2006: Added 4 new Vials

Skinchanger vials:

These objects appear in Hobbies../Misc, they cost 150 simoleons,
and when drank will change your sims skintone to whatever skin the vial is made for.
Drinking the antidote option will reverse the effect.

Compatibility and Requirements:
The ingame function that changes a sims skintone was added in university.
The function is present in all expansions and stuff packs thereafter, thus these objects
should work with any expansion, just not with the basegame, though i have not tested it in
the older expansions yet. the object itself is cloned off a basegame object and therefor should
pose no compatibility problems.

The vials will need a global mod to keep the game from reseting the skin everytime you load the house,
there is 2 versions of the mod, 1 for if you dont use InTeen, and one if you do. Note: you should not
use the inteen version if you dont have inteen installed, it will cause errors.

Global SkinPreserver
Global SkinPreserver - InTeen

Vial Name


Experimental Newskin Formula #1 - Gray Tabby

Gray Tabby Skin

Experimental Newskin Formula #2 - Cheetah

Cheetah Skin

Experimental Newskin Formula #3 - Green and Yellow Lizard

Green and Yellow Lizard Skin

Experimental Newskin Formula #4 - Blue and Orange Lizard

Blue and Orange Lizard Skin

Experimental Newskin Formula #5 - Racoon

Racoon Skin

Experimental Newskin Formula #6 - Blond Furry

Blond Furry Skin

Experimental Newskin Formula #7 - One Striped Skunk

One Striped Skunk Skin

Experimental Newskin Formula #8 - Blond with white belly

Blond with white belly Skin

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