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Downloads by Madame Mim

email link - just don't change the subject of the email or you won't make it past my washer.

Updates / Messages

Tuesday, 7th October 2008 Predator, Velocity & Vertigo Enayla eyes by Topher were pointing to the wrong picture and file (thanks for letting me know Minne). Now that is fixed so you can download the correct files if you want.

Sunday, 21st September 2008 Geneticised Enayla eyes by Topher have been uploaded. It must have been over a year (probably over two) since I promised that I'd get round to posting Dewshine's eye versions and didn't. Well I'll probably add her stuff too at some stage but Topher packaged his with the pictures and I'm looking for any excuse not to have to work on some document designs so here's Tophers stuff added to a page and uploaded.

Sunday, 24th August 2008 Some more new skins thanks to DK (who doesn't want her name posted on webpages but I just can't keep refering to her as 'people') letting me know that they were out there.

And some old skins that were sent to me by Anne.

Pixie Grey @ 1.00, Pixie Soot @ 1.38, Pixie Snow @ 1.40, Pixie Stalker @ 1.47, Pixie Galaxies @ 1.52, Pixie Ivy @ 1.72, Pixie Grave @ 1.85.

Wednesday, 3rd September 2008 Some more fantasy (Dewshine) skins thanks to DK and Margaret letting me know that they were out there, and the Gem series because I just knew Enayla was on a roll.

Pixie Nightwalker & Pixie Ametheyst at 0.99, Pixie Sleet @ 1.00, Pixie Heat @ 1.17, Pixie Ruby (Gem) @ 1.18, Pixie Bruise @ 1.28, Pixie Moonstone @ 1.38, Pixie Cold @ 1.39, Pixie Chalk @ 1.40, Pixie Sapphire @ 1.50 (but I'm not too sure about this one. I may move it later) and Pixie Emerald @ 1.62.

Sunday, 10th August 2008 Some new skins thanks to the people who came and told me Enayla had been creating again. And just a reminder that I'm open to constructive criticism. If enough people opine that skins are at the wrong 'darkness' value I will move them.

Pixie Ivory @ 0.04, Pixie June @ 0.06, Pixie Warmth @ 0.57, Pixie Teak @ 0.85, Pixie Oak @ 0.91, Pixie Ebony @ 0.96.

Sunday, 16th March 2008 Three old/hard-to-obtain Enayla skins have been uploaded thanks to somebody supplying me with the originals.

Pixie Doll @ 0.03, Doll Face @ 0.04 and Angelic @ 0.05.

Friday, 8th February 2008 The rest of the relevant Sims 1 for Sims 2 lots have been updated for Seasons.

Pixie Loveless skin (which I could have sworn I had already done) added at 0.05 because Linda pointed out to me that it wasn't anywhere to be found - everybody say a big zen thankyou to Linda.

Thursday, 7th February 2008 Furry skins now come in both genetic or NPC available 'flavours' and both display genetic values and skin names when you use the ingame cheat simDNA.

Dewshine's NPC Available skins are back up & they (and her Oneseries) now display genetic values and skin names when you use the ingame cheat simDNA.

Wednesday, 6th February 2008 From this day forth all my geneticised/npcAvailable skins are an either/or choice. Thanks to some experimentation Mens Mortus did back in My 2007, and me finally pulling my finger out, all npcAvailable skins can now be seen by you (in the custom skins bin) and by the game (for the creation of townies and NPC's) at the same time & using the same file. So you now only need to download and install one file or the other for each skin.

All Genensim 'normal' skins now come in geneticised and npcAvailable formats.

All Genensims 'normal' skins now display correct information when using the ingame cheat simDNA.

Pixie Endless (0.64), Pixie Hero (0.25) & Pixie Delicate (0.07) are now available for download.

I'm definately narrowing down the problem with my game and I don't think it's going to slow me down any further (at least not from updating). It's going to stop me from actually playing for a while as I track down a work around, but that's not your problem.

Tuesday, 5th February 2008 Some of the Sims 1 for Sims 2 lots have been updated for Seasons by Engram. More will follow (after the Enayla skins promised yesterday, which still rely on me fixing my game. I seem to have misplaced a few disks required for the reinstall).

Monday, 4th February 2008 Enayla's 'normal' skins have had their internal file names updated. Now when you use the simDNA ingame cheat the genetic value and name of the skin used by your Sim will display correctly. Please re-download.

Long time no update.

Monday, 3rd September 2007 12pm: Normal Skins are back up - sorry for the delay. This is taking longer than I expected.

Sunday, 2nd September 2007 10am: Site goes down for file cleaning and restructuring (of the files not the site).

Saturday, 1st September 2007 npcAvailable versions for Enayla's Pixie Joyless added at 0.09 and Pixie Shadow at 0.96.

Friday, 31st August 2007 Enayla's Pixie Joyless added at 0.09 and Pixie Shadow at 0.96.

Tuesday, 24th April 2007 Teatime: Dewshine's NPC Available Normal skins are up - and I still hate telemarketers.

Lunchtime: Enayla's NPC Available Normal skins are back up - and I hate telemarketers.

NPC Available skins have been temporarily removed while updated versions are prepared. The new versions will be properly compatible with the standard geneticised versions and will (eventually) include all of the skin types offered here.

Monday, 23rd April 2007 My version of Pixie Ruby was still using Dewshine's oneseries numbering. Fixed. Please download again.

Thursday, 19th April 2007 I've finally taken the time to sit down and clean out the adds and other extraneous stuff from the webpage - like being constrained in width because of the ad-box. I think I'm just doing it to avoid actually working on the npcAvailable skins, but I promise to do some work on them on Sunday.

I'm going to be 35 tomorrow - grrrr!

Wednesday, 11th April 2007 Last week Kayleigh Walpole wrote to ask me why Pixie Flirt, Pixie Chocolate, Pixie Crush, Pixie Breeze, Pixie Rush, Pixie Bronze, Pixie Clouds, Pixie Fall, Pixie Kisses, Pixie Game and Pixie Darling (in fact the entire last upload I made) wasn't working properly in her game, and I was forced to write back "Because I didn't do them right." So you should all thank Kayleigh for the fact that they now (should) actually be geneticised. Please re-download them.

Kayleigh also pointed out that using both the geneticised and NPC Available versions in her game was causing the geneticised to disapear from the CAS '*' option. So I'm investigating why that is happening. I'll get back to you all when I have a definative answer.

Thursday, 29th March 2007 Enayla's Pixie Ruby (available in Dewshine's 'One' series has also been added to my Enayla Normals at 0.93 - thankyou Shalu ]:P for pointing out that this was an unmarked skin and deserved to be in the 'normal' range. It is still available in the 'One' series, so you'll need to decide which version you want to have in your game as they shouldn't be used together.

Several bad links to npcAvailable versions of skins have been fixed - thankyou Minne for letting me know about this problem.

Monday, 26th March 2007 Dewshine has added some extra Enayla skins to her 'One' series.
Pixie Steel at 1.00, Pixie Ruby at 1.05, Pixie Diamond at 1.39 & Pixie Pearl at 1.98

Saturday, 17th March 2007 All the normal skins now come in two compatible types. Genetic, which is selectable through the custom skin button in CAS, and NPC Available which is genetic and might be used in the creation of new NPC's and townies by your game, but is not available through the custom skin button in CAS - so you might wish to have both versions.

Friday, 16th March 2007 Some new Enayla skins added.
Pixie Fall at 0.04 and Pixie Kisses & Pixie Darling at 0.05
Pixie Clouds & Pixie Crush at 0.29 and Pixie Flirt at 0.30
Pixie Bronze at 0.31 and Pixie Breeze at 0.32
Pixie Rush at 0.64 and Pixie Game at 0.85
Pixie Chocolate at 0.92

Wednesday, 7th January 2007 Dewshine of Dewshine's Recolours For Sims 2 has given me permission to post her geneticised versions of Enayla's 'Fantasy' Skins here as well. She's placed them in a colour range above 1.0, so I (for one) am really interested to see how they will integrate with the rest of my Sims.

A couple of house keeping changes. Download sizes added to Calico Cat and the re-meshed Red Fox skins. As well as the missing eye 'L' added to standard eye pack 9. Thankyou Raene/Nikki for letting me know about these problems.

Sunday, 14th January 2007 Just a small addition to the Pleasant Village downloads. I forgot to include the method for impregnating Nestor Caliente before.

Thursday, 11th January 2007 A post for Linda D. Kim - some of Enayla's eyes are now available on Enayla Eyes, proof that "if you ask, you just might get" So everybody who downloads them has to say a zen thankyou to Linda for asking -

Pleasant Village is coming along nicely. All the Sims should now be available for download, although the instructions and recommended play order are still in the works.

Hey, lookit! First post for the year - Happy New One and all that.

Wednesday, 13th December 2006 Enayla's Pixie Haunt skintone geneticised at 0.03

Tuesday, 5th December 2006 More Genensims 'Natural' skintones geneticised.

Wednesday, 29th November 2006 Enayla's Pixie Dream and many Genensims 'Natural' skintones geneticised.

Tuesday, 28th November 2006 Page 2 of Variant Eyes up. Bizarre Eyes on permenant hold pending completion of other projects.

Page 1 & 2 of Standard Eyes up

Page 1 of Geneticised Variant Eyes modified

Sunday, 26th November 2006 Page 1 of Geneticised Variant Eyes up. Others to follow soon (I hope)

Wednesday, 22nd November 2006 Sims 1 Neighbourhood is completed and all the requirements and agknowledgements should be posted correctly now. My next project is to get back to geneticising the Genensims Eyes.

Thursday, 16th November 2006 55, 56 & 59 Ingleside Drive, 71 Elm Street, 74, 75 & 77 Maple Street & 80 Crumplebottom Court uploaded/updated in Sims 1 Neighbourhood due to Jeanie discovering a wonderful spiral staircase by XxHalfBloodPrincexX at MTS2.

Monday, 13th November 2006 Some friends of mine from the newsgroups - Kat & Jeanie - are going to help me with the houses for Sims 1 Neighbourhood. So maybe I won't go insane insaner than I am now.

I seem to be fully moved in, anything that still bears a 'Under Construction' tag wasn't on my old webpage either and you'll just have to bear with me until I get around to it.

Friday, 10th November 2006 Well, this is going to be a learning experience for me. I've never been hosted before. I once managed a tripod account for somebody elses creations for Creatures, but that's just not the same thing. I hope you'll all bear with me as I settle in and get things working properly. This page will probably go through more than a few revisions while Sidney Eileen and I work to mesh this all together.

Wheee! A new home. Thankyou Sidney Eileen.

Wednesday, 8th November 2006 I've started a new project - The Sims 1 Neighbourhood, and this time I'm going to do it right. This time I'm going to post the pictures as I go along, and ask the creators of the stuff I use for permissions nice and early, so that I don't get ants in my pants and post before all the permissions are in like I did with Planet Of The Cats.

So, please go and look at Neighbourhoods and Sims 1 Neighbourhood. The terrain is from Elfstone Designs but I'm doing all the houses myself with only Sims 2 base game decor.

Tuesday, 7th November 2006 I just got a very nice letter from Sidney Eileen of Genensims granting permission to use her skins, so that's good. I won't have to grovel and appologise and take everything down now. ;')

In fact I might be doing some of her other skins for her webpage. So keep your eyes peeled. You might be able to get them in two flavours soon. Custom and Genetic.

Monday, 6th November 2006 Although some permissions are still pending the files for Planet Of The Cats have been uploaded and are ready to be accessed.

Sunday, 5th November 2006 Information on my 'Planet Of The Cats' neighbourhood uploaded. The neighbourhood itself is awaiting final permissions before it can be uploaded.

Small rearrange of webpage and update of skin download links to bring you closer to target.

Monday, 9th October 2006 Skin pages broken into five seperate pages to facilitate loading times.

Saturday, 7th October 2006 Pixie Gloom is up as well *breaths huge sigh of relief*. I was going to consider tackling some eyes next, but I think I need a rest.

Finished, yay! Well, apart from Pixie Gloom, which I just discovered sitting alone and undisplayed, voted on, geneticised or even photo'd - bad me! If I ever manage to play my game again I'll take a picture to decide where it should go and add it to the downloads.

Friday, 6th October 2006 Well, I'm up to EA 'Olive' darkness level (0.60) due to some unexpected running around today. Look back tommorrow for the rest.

Links to downloads are slowly becoming available over today. Either go directly to
The Sims 2 Workshop or find links to the download pages below each picture on the Voting Page

Saturday, 30th September 2006 The pictures are now all there for voting. With thanks to Carrigon, Kat, Jeanie, Taylor & Georg for sending me their opinions - everybody else, shame on you! ;')

Friday, 29th September 2006 Downloads have been removed in order to make more room for the voting page and pictures. Some have gone up at The Sims 2 Workshop but I may also find another place to publish them.

Wednesday, 27th September 2006 Genetic 'darkness' values for Enayla's Pixie Winter, Pixie Light, Alabaster and Pixie Gold have been changed - please re-download if you have the old file (and don't forget to delete the old one from your downloads too).

Downloads moved to a seperate page (link below "Updates / Messages").

Voting page created. I need your help to decide the final genetic values of these skins. Please look at the pictures on the voting page and let me know if you think that they are not in the correct order.

September 2006 I am creating this webpage because MTS2 refuses to believe that I have permission from Enayla to share Enayla's skins. I would have prefered not to need a webpage of my own to do this, but I would also have prefered to be treated civilly by the people at MTS2 - 0 out of 2 (in case you were wondering).

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