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Using Multiple Default Replacement Sets
Important Usage Notes
Naming Conventions
Using Multiple Sets

Important Usage Notes
This page outlines how to use multiple default replacement packages to customize the look of each of your neighborhoods. You have worked hard to customize the look of your game. Now you can customize the look of all the townies in each neighborhood.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that ONLY ONE DEFAULT REPLACEMENT SET MAY BE USED AT A TIME. If you have more than one default replacement package in your downloads folder, you may not see the genes you are expecting. If you have downloaded default replacement sets from this or another web site, you must keep track of them and make certain ONLY ONE is in your downloads directory any time you start the game.

If you no longer wish to use any default replacement sets, simply remove them from your downloads directory.

Naming Conventions
I have used a standard naming convention to make my files easy to find. If these names do not make sense to you, rename them. It will not affect the package in any way.

Additionally, you can put all default replacement packages into a subfolder of your Downloads directory to make them easier to find.

  • genensims - site prefix I use for all my packages
  • default - indicates that the package is a default replacement
  • [type] - this will be either eye or skn and indicates whether the packages replaces an eye or a skin color
  • [replacement] - this indicates which maxis genetic the package replaces. Only one of each may be in your downloads directory at a time. They are as follows:
    • light - Maxis light skin tone
    • tan - Maxis tan skin tone
    • med - Maxis medium skin tone
    • dark - Maxis dark skin tone
    • ltblue - Maxis light blue eyes
    • dkblue - Maxis dark blue eyes
    • brown - Maxis brown eyes
    • green - Maxis green eyes
    • gray - Maxis gray eyes
  • [set] - the name of the coherent set the package comes from
It is possible to keep track of these downloads either by name or by organization into a subdirectory.

Using Multiple Sets
While it is possible to swap default replacement packages in your base Downloads directory, I strongly recommend creating subdirectories. If you only plan to have a single set that you use in all neighborhoods, name it something simple like "default-replacements" or "defaults". That way, as myself and other creators make new default replacement sets you can easily change out your replacements to something newer and better.

If you want one neighborhood to be furry, another to be freckled, and a third to be blue, create a subdirectory with the name of each neighborhood or theme. Put the replacement sets you want for that neighborhood in that subdirectory. Before starting your game, put the subdirectory for the neighborhood you want to play in your Downloads directory, and the others somewhere else (the MyDocuments/EAGames/ directory works well).

If you like the dark skin from one set, the light from another, and the medium and tan from a third, mix and match. As long as the [replacement] portion of each file name is not duplicated they will all appear correctly in your game.