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Items created by me may be redistributed on other FREE web sites, as long as credit is given. If you wish to modify, cut, splice, or otherwise recreate anything on this web site, please do so. Again, I apreciate credit if you distribute any creations that are based predominantly on my work. I would prefer that none of my creations are posted to pay sites. I created them to be free, and do not want to see anyone charged for them.

What kind of Sim file is .rar?
.rar is a file compression file created by WinRAR. A free trial version is available from their website, http://www.rarlab.com/index.htm. With uncompressed file sizes of up to 14Megs for some of the furry skins, this compression routine makes a huge difference on my bandwidth usage.

Are your skins anatomically correct?
All the skins on this site do include nipples on the females. None of them have painted on genitalia.

Will you make a skin with tatoos?
No. I love tatoos, and they are a very personal adornment. What looks great on Joe Sim that you make in the body shop or the Family Bin, may look absolutely rediculous on his son or daughter. Eventually I plan to get around to making facial tatoos as costume makeup, and if an expansion pack at some point includes tatooing, I will definitely create those. The closest thing to tatoos I am planning to make in Skins are patterned abstract designs, similar to animal markings or Star Trek style aliens.

Will you make a skin with body hair?
No. While I would love for my sims to have chest hair, happy trials, etc., it bothers me that the genetics for the skin (with hair) and the head hair are transfered seperately. This inevitably results in a sim with a rug that does not match the curtains, and the sim doesn't have a dye job. As above, if tatoos ever become available, I will create body hair as tatoos.

Can you make _______ hair/tail/ears mesh?
Not currently. I do not have 3-D meshing skills, or the time to learn. As others make meshes of furry accessories (ears, tails, etc.) available for modding, I will create recolors to match my skins.

Can you make _______ as a default replacement?
I am willing to take requests for new default replacement sets. Please be very specific about which of my skins/eyes you would like to replace which Maxis defaults. Either refer to existing skins/eyes and indicate what they should each replace, or be specific about what new skins you would like to see. For example, a set of Variant skins in dark, medium, tan and light drab green. Another example would be a complete set of skins to match the existing True Blue skin tone, or the orange tiger furry skin to replace the medium skin tone. Keep in mind that requests requiring the creation of new skins will take longer to fulfil.

Can you write a tutorial about _______?
I welcome any requests for tutorials. I will try to write you back immediately to let you know if I can/will write your tutorial, and when I might complete it. Tutorials are not my focus, so it may not be very quickly. For a much faster response, check out ModTheSims2.com.