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Sims 2 Variant Skin Library

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Dark Blue-green skin with freckles everywhere (5.78 MB)

Maxis alien skin, selectable with added female nipple details (2.51 MB)

Maxis alien skin with freckles across the nose and cheeks (2.59 MB)

Maxis alien skin with freckles everywhere (4.2 MB)

Pale Blue skin (3.31 MB)

Dark blue-green skin tone with pronounced muscles (3.37 MB)

Bright green skin tone (3.98 MB)

Medium green skin tone (4.49 MB)

Cobalt Blue skin tone (3.22 MB)

Deep purple skin tone (3.94 MB)

Light purple skin tone with freckles (6.47 MB)

True Blue skin tone (2.26 MB)

Pale blue skin tone with pink lips and nipples (3.79 MB)